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About Us

In the heart of leafy Buckinghamshire Getting Shirty emerged as a vibrant beacon for enthusiasts of unique, expressive apparel. Founded on the principle of blending passion with fashion, we are dedicated to those who wear their hearts on their sleeves—literally. Getting Shirty is more than just a clothing line; it's a celebration of individuality, a tribute to fandoms, and a nod to the quirky, humorous side of life. We believe in the power of a great t-shirt to spark conversations, evoke nostalgia, and bring smiles to faces.

Our journey began with a simple idea: to create garments that people love to wear, talk about, and share. From geek chic to retro vibes, our designs are inspired by the films, TV shows, and pop culture moments that shape our world. Each piece is a labour of love, designed to resonate with your personal story, your obsessions, and your sense of humour.

Items for Sale

  • Motorbike T-Shirts: Perfect for the road warriors and two-wheel enthusiasts, our motorbike t-shirts combine sleek designs with a love for the ride.

  • Birthday T-Shirts: Celebrate your special day or gift someone the perfect birthday shout-out with our fun, age-themed t-shirts.

  • Fandom T-Shirts: For the die-hard fans of iconic films and TV shows, our fandom t-shirts are a must-have. Wear your allegiance proudly, from classic sci-fi to modern masterpieces.

  • Geek T-Shirts: Embrace your inner nerd with our collection of geek t-shirts. Whether it's video games, science, or tech that gets your heart racing, we've got you covered.

  • Funny Slogan T-Shirts: Inject some humor into your wardrobe with our funny slogan t-shirts. Clever, witty, and sure to provoke laughter.

  • Hoodies: Our hoodies are the perfect blend of comfort and style, ideal for those who take their passions seriously but also appreciate a cozy, laid-back vibe.

  • Mugs: Start your day with a smile with our collection of mugs. Ideal for coffee lovers, tea enthusiasts, and everyone in between, these mugs feature designs as unique and expressive as our tees. From witty sayings to fandom tributes, there’s a mug for every personality and occasion. Whether you’re gifting or adding to your own collection, our mugs are sure to become your go-to for all those cozy moments.

  • Tote Shopping Bags: Carry your belongings in style with our durable, canvas shopping bags. Featuring designs as unique as our tees, they're the perfect accessory for every outing.

At Getting Shirty, we're committed to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. A glance through our products will show a bunch of 5 star reviews. We also have an Excellent rating on Trustpilot and a 97% positive feedback rating on Amazon over the past 10 years. 

Our products are more than just clothing; they're expressions of identity, badges of honour, and, most importantly, sources of joy. Welcome to the family.

Wear it loud, wear it proud, and let's Get Shirty together.

Add a slice of humour and style to your day with one of our
slogan t-shirts.

We are based in Buckinghamshire where we use the latest
digital technology to design and print our products.

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