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Keep Calm And Buy A T-Shirt!

Keep Calm And Buy A T-Shirt!

The "Keep Calm and Carry On" slogan is an iconic phrase that gained immense popularity, particularly on t-shirts, in recent years. Originally created during World War II as a motivational poster by the British government, it was intended to boost morale and provide a sense of resilience during a time of great adversity. Despite its origins dating back several decades, the slogan resurfaced and became a cultural phenomenon in the early 21st century.

The story behind the slogan's resurgence begins in 2000 when a bookstore in northeast England discovered a copy of the original "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster tucked away in a box of old books. The design featured a bold white typeface against a red background, with a simple crown motif above the text. Recognizing its historical significance and timeless message, the bookstore owner displayed the poster in the shop window. It immediately caught the attention of customers, prompting the production of replicas to meet the growing demand.

As the slogan gained popularity, it transcended its original medium of posters and found its way onto various merchandise, with t-shirts being the most prominent. The combination of its timeless message, simple yet visually striking design, and the ability to resonate with people across different cultures and backgrounds contributed to its widespread appeal.

The slogan's ubiquity led to various parodies and spin-offs. Countless adaptations of the phrase emerged, replacing "Carry On" with humorous or customised alternatives that suited different contexts or interests. This creativity further propelled the slogan's popularity, making it a recognizable cultural reference.

Here at Getting Shirty we were quick to jump on the band waggon producing a number of Keep Calm And Carry On 'parody' t-shirts focussing on fandoms, our Keep Calm And Call The Doctor tee being the most popular. Whilst interest has waned over the last few years we still see steady sales of our Keep Calm designs, proving the timeless quality of that iconic war time slogan.

Keep Calm And Call The Doctor
Keep Calm And Don't Blink
Keep Calm And Turn It Off And On Again


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